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Media companies have to pay big to compete in video. AT&T (which must still determine what its forthcoming HBO Max service will cost), Comcast’s NBCUniversal and others have to reckon with the costs of doing business against Netflix and Amazon. Some critics contend that chemical castration laws are improperly coercive to inmates, who might be forced to choose between staying in prison and taking the drug. Doctors and medical ethicists have also expressed concerns about side effects and whether prisoners receive enough information to make appropriate, informed decisions.

Ms. Watson said that she has received some support, but the condemnation has stung. This article is part of David Leonhardt’s newsletter. You can sign up here to receive it each weekday.

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“President Obama built those cells. They were in 2014,” Mr. Trump said last weekend at a news conference in Osaka, Japan. He added, “I just say this: They had a separation policy. Right? I ended it.” “No,” she said, thumping her bat against the turf.

Either way, this DVR is among the few that charges no monthly fee for guide data. But there is one other requirement, and that's a Fire TV device (including a TV with built-in Fire TV) or an Echo Show.  China’s nearly 1.4 billion people ultimately bear the cost of the corruption. Salespeople inflated prices for equipment to fund bribes and kickbacks, the Chinese court documents show. They also refused to undercut one another’s pricing, the documents showed, inflating prices for hospitals by 50 percent or even more.

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Log InIn the period manner — “For Services Rendered” was first produced in London in 1932 — Maugham manages to keep these and several other stories bubbling without leaving the Ardsleys’ house. The claustrophobia of interwar England is further suggested, in the Griffin production, by narrowing the action to one room. At first they thought it was a man’s job what we are doing. They were not giving us the respect they were supposed to give us. Now they see that this woman can do the job they are doing.